Magical photos and a great sentiment for for the new year from our friends in North Norfolk, England.
Godt nytt år alle sammen!

The World according to Dina

Still waters run deep


Happy New Year!
Did you sing „Auld Lang Syne“ to remember the departed? We sang it on the shores of the river Glaven, because water is the realm where all the souls of the departed end up. They are travelling to the water fairy, to this place of secrets, change and rapture. These are the unknown depths of water.


Siri and Selma love dipping their tiny fairy fingers in their beloved river Glaven which flows not far from our home into the sea. When you put your fingers in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come. Well, Leonardo da Vinci thought so. We suppose that by touching flowing waters you are making a connection with the life force that gives power by flushing away all your fears. We recommend this for a fearless…

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